About Us

We speak fluent gaming because we're born from it. We draw inspiration from our years of gaming and the passion of the player community. We're constantly innovating, and we want our process to be visible, accessible, and open to anyone who has feedback. We believe our players transform our work from good to great, and from great to spectacular - so first and foremost, we're committed to supporting and empowering our players to play hard, stress-test, and come back for more.

Our creative mantra echoes three illustrative core values that make up the essence of who we are, the team we're building, and the way we want our players to feel.

Stay rebellious, become obsessed.

Exergy Games sits at the intersection of practice and passion. We believe the unconventional notion that games can be better - they must be fun, beautifully made, and radically defy expectations.

Everything has meaning.

Building games is creating art, and we acknowledge even the minutiae matters. In all we do, we strive to be bold, thoughtful, and meticulous. But this doesn't mean we restrict ourselves - our goal is to fall in love with the details and make the macro view count.

Empower our players.

Our games exist because of our players. We strive to create and build a universe that considers player input and celebrates our player's dedication. While we have the final say creatively, the process with which we create will always keep our fiercest champions in mind.

Our core team has been developing games for over 15 years and avid gamers for over 25 years.

Thomas Athanas
Adam Wessels
Senior Game Designer
Charles Athanas
Chief Storyteller
Nick Porzio
Project Manager
Travis J. Corcoran
Narrative Writer