A Shared Universe of Games

Like Marvel's Cinematic Universe, all our games fit into a shared narrative. Overarching storylines and recurring characters allow for expansive storytelling and worldbuilding within - and between - our games. How did dogs from earth end up on an advanced civilization's planet in a different galaxy racing with rockets on their backs? And why are the most elite fighters in the universe obsessed with training these dogs to race? These are some of the narrative threads our players will discover as they delve deep into our universe.

We know our players will fall in love with the stories and universe we're building. Our long-term goal is to expand this narrative universe to other media, specifically books, graphic novels, tv shows, and feature length movies.

A Rocket Dogs animated young adult TV show? Aww, yisssss.

Rocket Dogs

Rocket Dogs is a play-to-own NFT game featuring fierce races, scavenging quests, spectacular moons, and digital collectible Dogs, Rockets, and in-game Items. Players will skillfully determine their race strategy to create the ultimate Rocket Dog, capable of racing across the galaxy in pursuit of dazzling loot, ultimate glory, and legendary head scratches.

Rocket Dogs and its NFTs are built on the Solana blockchain. The game's primary goal is to win races against other Dogs. Races take place on a wide variety of exotic Planets and Moons throughout space. From the futuristic city streets of Quantum Prime to the blue hued nightscape of Proxima Twilight, the diversity of the game's Moons and their racecourses is boundless.

Rocket Dogs is like Magic: The Gathering or Blizzard's Hearthstone. A player will choose a Dog, a Rocket, equip some Gear, and build a Strategy Deck of Items. Once the race starts, the computer controls the Dog's speed and direction around the racecourse, while players actively deploy offensive Attacks, defensive Shields, load Rocket Fuel for Boosting, or consume Treats to regain Energy in real-time. The game is web-based, equally accessible by players around the world with various internet connection speeds.


Enforcers is a play-to-own NFT game featuring elite squadron battles and tactical missions spread across a vast array of galaxies throughout the universe. Enforcers are trained to be the best fighters in the universe, equally adept in head-to-head and squadron-based battlefield combat. Players will assemble a squadron of Enforcers to help defend the universe from another Aeonstorm, the universal war that almost led to the destruction of all intelligent life in the cosmos.

Enforcers are fully customizable NFT characters from one of the 10 advanced alien civilizations that are members of the Supreme Alliance of Interstellar Nations (SAIN.) SAIN was formed in the aftermath of the First Aeonstorm by the victorious Toba and their allies the Skatari in hopes that no future generation would have to suffer the atrocities of another Aeonstorm.

The game's primary goal is to win combat matches against opposing squadrons. Outside of combat, players can send their Enforcers on tactical missions to level up their unique skills, gather resources, find loot, and train to become the top squadron among SAIN.

Target Game Launch: Late 2023

Insert Coin

Insert Coin is a cryptocurrency GameFi token earned and used within all our games. Eventually, Insert Coin will extend into other games, properties, and experiences from other developers or the community through the development of its Ecosystem.

We're different. We've shipped games before. That experience led us to a central truth that needs to be acknowledged in the industry: Every game in existence has a demand curve with ebb and flow. What is hot today, may not be tomorrow. Insert Coin's single token model helps distribute popularity wane over multiple games for a much longer term.

Instead of splitting value among multiple tokens per game like current industry standards, Insert Coin is designed to achieve compounded utilization from multiple player bases to increase use of its single token within an ever-expanding collection of games and experiences.

Insert Coin will not be IDO'd and has never been sold to investors. It will primarily be earned through gameplay, maximizing its distribution to players. This is the way.

To kickstart the ecosystem, the public can earn Insert Coins through its upcoming Airdrops.