Explore a Universe of Gameplay

Every game we create is designed to fit into a shared universal narrative — we're not just designing games, we're catalyzing storytelling at intergalactic scale.

Stories don't have to start and end within the confines of our games. Instead, we're creating worlds for players to traverse and explore by embarking on a journey through and beyond the games they play. Each property enables expansive storytelling and allows players to dive into the vignettes, story arcs, and through-lines of a greater universe. Our games invite you to discover the answers to questions like “how did dogs from earth end up on an advanced civilization's planet in a different galaxy, racing with rockets on their backs? And why are the most elite fighters in the universe obsessed with training these dogs to race?”

These are merely a few of the many narrative threads our players will unravel when they delve deep into the universe of Exergy Games. What will you unearth when you play?

Rocket Dogs

Rocket Dogs is a collectible NFT game featuring fierce races, scavenging quests, and spectacular moons with digital collectible Dogs, Rockets, and Items. Skillfully test and perfect your race strategy to create the ultimate Rocket Dog, capable of racing across the universe in pursuit of dazzling loot, ultimate glory, and legendary head scratches!

Team up with your favorite canine companion to compete in races against other Dogs on exotic Moons throughout space. Deploy offensive Attacks, defensive Shields, and an array of Items from your Strategy Deck throughout the course of the race to help your Rocket Dog claim victory!

Insert Coin

The Insert Coin Arcade is a digital arcade that awards Insert Coins, a cross-game crypto-powered reward token used throughout our gaming universe. Mirroring an IRL arcade experience, players can win and spend Insert Coins within all games we develop once they've been added to the Arcade. Metal arcade tokens and tickets were so last century – the Insert Coin Arcade’s ticket dispensers never jam. Time to have some fun!

Insert Coins are primarily won through gameplay, maximizing player rewards. Players can win Insert Coins daily by playing our games in The Arcade. (This is the way.)

Want to load up on Insert Coins? To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Insert Coin Arcade, you can earn Insert Coins through an upcoming Airdrop. Hop into the Arcade and start playing!


Enforcers is a collectible NFT game that features elite squadron battles and tactical missions that take place across a wide array of galaxies throughout the universe. Trained to be the best fighters in the universe, Enforcers are equally adept in head-to-head and squadron-based battlefield combat. Your mission as a player: Assemble a squadron of top Enforcers to defend the universe from another Aeonstorm, the universal war that almost led to the destruction of all intelligent life in the cosmos!

Each Enforcer is a fully customizable NFT character from one of ten advanced alien civilizations that are members of the Supreme Alliance of Interstellar Nations (SAIN), a confederation created by the victorious Toba and their Skatari allies in the aftermath of the First Aeonstorm. SAIN was forged by the hope that no future generation would have to suffer the atrocities of another cataclysmic event.

The goal of every Enforcer is to win combat matches against opposing squadrons. Beyond battle, players can also send their Enforcers on tactical missions to level up their unique skills, gather resources, find Loot, and train to become the top squadron across all of SAIN!

Target Game Launch: 2024